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This form is for volunteers that want to be pickers or help with other tasks. If you are a homeowner with a tree that you would like to be picked please fill out the homeowner harvest form. Thank you!

To pay your membership fee CLICK HERE

Gleaning Membership Fee


The annual sign up process and fee is $10. You can pay through the PayPal button above, by cheque, or by cash. If you are paying with PayPal an extra 59¢ fee is added to the $10. Cheques can be made out to the Alberni Valley Transition Town Society (AVTTS). Cheques and cash can be dropped off during orientation sessions or you can arrange to drop your payment off with the pick coordinator. If this fee prevents you from participating please contact us.

Volunteer orientation is currently set for May 25 (6-8 pm) and May 28 (1-3 pm), 2017. Please let us know if neither of these dates work for you and we will try to figure something out. This year orientation is being hosted at the Dry Creek Community Garden located at 4th and Napier (next to 3555 4th Ave).

There are many additional ways to support the gleaning project including donations, buying fruit, and buying fruit products. To find out more about how you can support the gleaning project visit the Support Us page.